• February 24Blood Drive March 5th.
  • February 24ICAP Night February 26th and 27th
  • January 14Prom tickets are on sale for $85.

The Roar

Special Olympic Tigers Cause an Uproar at Neosho Tournament

Jessie Marshall

The Special Olympics team enjoys a fun game of Uno before the game at the Neosho Tournament

Rifle Team Represents Ozark at Nationals

Lakyn Cox

Junior Alexis Williams practices her shooting for nationals.

  • Artist Spotlight- Alex Wiley February 13, 2020
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Make sure to go pick up your yearbook in Mrs.Samsinak's room F132, before or after school!

You can still buy a 2018-2019 yearbook in Mrs.Samsinak's room. Yearbooks are $50.

Senior Baby Ad forms can be picked up in Mrs.Samsinak's room.

If you would like a poster to be put up around the school, or you have an article idea, send it to the newspaper editor ([email protected]) or [email protected]

Upcoming Events

- ICAP Night February 26th and 27th.
- There will be a blood drive during the school day on Thursday, March 5 at Ozark High School. You may register if you are 16 years or older. REMEMBER to eat a good breakfast and drink plenty of water for the 2 days prior to the blood drive.
- $1.25 for 10 oz. Cup of Coffee, Hot Cocoa, Tea. Served in the library 7:30 AM - 2:00 PM every day.
- Prom tickets are on sale through RevTrack or the Business Office. The cost is $85.

Senior Signing Day Brings Excitement

Photo used with permission from Amelia Wigton.

Seniors Emily Essick, Cecilia Westfall, Skout Lave, and Carson Amstutz posing at the college signing.

Athlete Spotlight- Jake Skaggs

Photo used with permission from Jake Skaggs.

Senior Jake Skaggs pitches the ball.

Varsity Boys Basketball Hopes to Finish the Season Off Strong

Jacey Loving

Senior Alonzo Riwa gets back on defense to stop the opponents from scoring.

  • Athlete Spotlight- Wyatt Snyder January 27, 2020
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Students Dance the Night Away at Winter Homecoming

Trinity Schupp, Writer | February 13, 2020

School spirit, dancing like nobody's watching, and spending time with friends; that's what Homecoming is all about. Homecoming set off with an eventful start this year. At the beginning of the week, STUCO hosted a school assembly that consisted of the presentation of the homecoming court, a performance from both the band and the dance team, and fun games for the members of the court. Throughout...

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Highlighting the Makeup at Ozark High School

Emma Vaughan, Writer | February 3, 2020

Many students find different ways to represent their sense of style by clothing choice, hairstyles, etc. One of the many ways that students at Ozark High School can represent themselves is by using makeup. One of the many students that use makeup to express themselves is Junior Lilly Tate. “I love the freedom, and the ability to do whatever I want with makeup. I love the way everything...

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