New Administrative Staff


Trinity Schupp

Nathaniel Gillespie and Stacie Wood are two of the school’s new principals this year.

Jessie Marshall, Writer

Starting a new year means new classes, students, schedules, and staff, including our very own administration.

Coming from working as the Coordinator of Site Interventions at Central High School, Assistant Principal Nathaniel Gillespie has been involved in education for a total of 11 years. At Ozark, he is responsible for all the sophomores at OHS. He is also the A+ coordinator and oversees many departments, including the CTE, Science, and Foreign Language departments. Not only does he have duties throughout the year, he has daily responsibilities such as assisting teachers, supervising students, and helping the members of Ozark.

“Even when I was not working as an educator, I would often find myself working with students through coaching or volunteering. I love working in education and cannot see myself doing anything else!” said Gillespie.

However, there is also another addition to the administrative staff at OHS. Before coming to the high school, Assistant Principal Stacie Wood was a sixth grade ELA teacher at OMS. She has spent hours upon hours working on getting her Master’s degree in Curriculum & Instruction and a Specialist Degree in Administration & Superintendency, and finally all her hard work has paid off. As an assistant principal, she has many obligations she has to fulfill including being responsible for all juniors at OHS, EOC testing, female dress code, and 1:1.

“I think the thing I look forward to the most at OHS is getting to know students. There are many students I had in class when I was at the middle school, but there are a multitude I have never met,” states Wood.