Care to Learn Provides Necessary Help for Students


Trinity Schupp

The Care to Learn closet in the high school houses many resources for students that benefit from the program.

Trinity Schupp, Writer

Throughout America, many children go home every day with little to no access to foodhygiene products, or the necessary school supplies. Ozark is trying to change this one student at a time. This all happens through the non-profit organization Care to Learn.

“The hope is that by alleviating a basic need, we put the student in a position of opportunity to excel in school and empower them to focus on the things that make them great, rather than worry about where their next meal will come from,” said Amy Loehr, one of the lead members of Care to Learn.

This program is put together solely through hard-working volunteers and donations. Throughout the weeks of the school year, workers pack backpacks full of food and hygiene products delivered to students once the school week has ended. Once students have gotten through the weekend, they return the backpacks to the Care to Learn organization and the process reboots for the following week. Though many students don’t recognize the real effects that this program has on their peers, about 28 of Ozark High School’s students obtain their needs met by this program.

“Every community has a need; every school has students that go without [food] when they go home. Care to Learn provides a way to impact my world. I believe so many people do not get involved with organizations because they feel like they have little to offer, whether time, or money, or resources. Care to Learn is rewarding because it reminds me that the community starts with me; what little I have to offer can have a huge impact for someone else,” said Loehr.

Students can get involved with this program by helping donate to food drives or volunteering at the local pantry.