Brownfield, More Than an Instagram Sensation


Ashlyn Dewitt

OHS Principal, Jeremy Brownfield walks around a classroom sparking conversation with a student.

Ashlyn Dewitt, Writer

Being the principal of Ozark High School is not an easy task. With approving staff absences, attending meetings, and observing teachers, a principal’s day never gets boring.

I like to have a plan for my day by 7:30 a.m., as far as what teachers I want to try to observe that day. With all of the changes happening over the next couple of years, right now I usually have one or two meetings per day looking at long-range planning or working on our current initiatives. Throughout the day, I like to get out in the building and interact with students and teachers in classrooms, hallways, or in the lunchroom. After school gets out, I try to catch up on paperwork, planning, or emails. Two or three nights I go to activities (games, concerts, etc.) to supervise so it might be 9 or 10 o’clock before I get home,” said OHS Principal, Jeremy Brownfield. 

Last school year, students got creative with the popular social media app, Instagram. One student created the account @dailybrownfieldpics which now has over 1,000 followers. Throughout the school day, students snap pictures of the admired principal and submit them to the owner of the account with hopes of their picture being featured.

One or two of these pictures get posted daily with clever captions, such as, “Who would win, Superman or Mr. Brownfield?” Some students use their wild imaginations and even use photoshop, a popular photo editing app, to show their love for their principal.

When asked about his feelings towards the account, Brownfield said, “I think the fact that the page showed up reinforced that my role as principal of OHS is to serve students, whatever that may look like at any given moment. Plus it has been a great source of entertainment. I enjoy the pictures and comments and continue to be impressed with the creativity of our students!”