Faces of OHS- Makyah Weatherby


Photo used with permission from Alyssa Gluck

Photo captured by Alyssa Gluck, senior.

Savannah Goodwin, Writer

There are a lot of things wrong with this world so when you get down to it, all of those small challenges can seem like huge boulders in life. When I dance, I literally lose sight of all those problems and challenges. I just focus on the melody and get lost in the song. Getting out of my own head through doing something I’m so passionate about makes me happy.

If I see a homeless person I always try and help them out. It makes me feel better and happy knowing that I helped someone else out. A big value I go by is what I want to be remembered for. If I could have one word on my tombstone of what I was remembered by, I’d want it to be ‘smiley’. Smiles really are contagious so whenever I smile, it makes other people smile, and life is too short to not just be so happy to the point that it’s contagious.