Tip Line Creates a Safe Environment for Students


Trinity Schupp

Officer Darren Combs takes a phone call at his desk.

Trinity Schupp, Writer

Ozark High School wants every student to feel safe, and Tip Line is one of many attempts to do just that.

Whether a student is feeling bullied, unsafe, or that one of their peers is in danger, Tip Line is there to listen. Students can fill out a form explaining their situation to a group of school leaders who will keep their information private while confronting the problem.

“We ask who’s submitting the tip because it’s important for us to know. I know students would like to try and remain anonymous at times and through the course of the investigation, we will do everything we can to keep them anonymous. A student’s name is never given to another student,” said Principal Jeremy Brownfield.

Many students use Tip Line as a way to get help, but some believe that it is acceptable to send in fake tips to the office. Occasionally there are situations where students falsify statements to the office. This is because it is thought to be a fun prank, when in fact the situation may not be taken as funny at all.

When spoken to about this topic, Officer Darren Combs said, “We hope fake Tip Lines don’t happen, because Tip Line is such a good thing. We don’t want to spend time looking into something that is not accurate or real. Therefore, there might be some kind of school discipline possibly if there is something that we determine is just totally fake.”

Throughout their high school experience, some kids will use Tip Line appropriately, some will use it inappropriately, and some may never use it at all. In any case, this system can still be used as a helpful reminder that students are not alone and that there is always someone there to talk to. Though Tip Line is not always used, it can still be extremely valuable.

“I have never used Tip Line. Tip Line is important in this day and age; cruel and illegal things are happening all over the place. If a student is afraid to confront an adult or someone about a situation, Tip Line provides a way for them to share it with a trustworthy person without anyone knowing who they are,” said Eliza McComas, senior.

This system also gives comfort to parents and teachers when it comes to their students’ comfort and safety. It allows parents to know that their students have an outlet to confide in, whether it’s at home or school.

Mrs. Amy Sappington, a teacher, and parent, said,”I think it gives students that are too shy a way to go talk to someone and report something that is needed anonymously. If students know things about other students that an adult needs to know, I think it’s beneficial for them to be able to tell people.”

If you would like to use Tip Line, it is located on the Ozark High School homepage.