Hunting, Fishing, and Bowling Every Day


Photo used with permission from Emily Freeman

Emily Freeman, senior, holds up the largest catch of the day. “I might have to wake up at five in the morning to go and fish but it’s worth it when all the hard work pays off.”

Katie Wells, Writer

Everyone knows about the typical sports such as football, soccer, and basketball. However, students rarely get to hear about a day in the life of students on the fishing and bowling team. 

Junior Dylan Fritz, a participant of the bowling team, said, “This sport is unlike any other because it’s not about how physically strong you are but how consistent you can be. Not only that but it’s a sport that you have to be mentally focused. So it doesn’t matter how aggressive you are or how fast you need to be, you win by being consistent.”

Representing the fishing team, Senior Emily Freeman has had a passion for fishing for a long time. “As a kid, I grew up fishing with my dad and going into high school, I just decided to continue doing something that I love. Other than just hoping to catch large fish throughout tournaments I am hoping to go to Nationals,” said Freeman.

So whether you are casting a line or making a strike these two completely different sports present different opportunities for students to try something new.