Ozark Students Can the Eagles


Ashlyn Dewitt

OHS students cheer as the eagle is thrown into a blazing fire.

Ashlyn Dewitt, Writer

The Ozark Tigers continued a legendary tradition this week by working hard to collect canned goods for Least of These, a local nonprofit organization.

Every year, a competition is held between rival schools, Ozark High School and Nixa High School, to see which school can collect the most canned goods. The Can the Eagles/Can the Tigers food drive led to a record high of 66,231 pounds of food collected, serving more than 800 families in Christain County. 

Members of the OHS Student Council celebrated as they were awarded the golden trophy at Friday’s game, successfully collecting more cans than NHS. In addition to winning the food drive, OHS won the Backyard Brawl football game against Nixa 20-14.

“We do this food drive to raise money and food for our community. Student Council promoted the food drive all week and we hosted the Eagle Roast to raise money. Ozark ended up winning the food drive and we donated over $5,000 to Least of These,” said Student Council member, Natalie St. John. 

OHS students gathered around a bonfire on Thursday night preparing to roast the student-made eagle and pie football players in order to get the team prepared for the Ozark/Nixa Backyard Brawl. The frame of the eagle was built by students in a woodworking class. To complete the project, art students covered the eagle in papier-mâché and added finishing details. 

“I loved seeing all the different students at the Eagle Roast. It showed me that a lot of people really believe in the team and what we can do this season. I think that having a good student body behind you is a very important part of the game and it’s reassuring to know that we have a great group cheering us on,” said varsity football player, Harper Kissee.