Student Spotlight – Baylie Beard


Photo used with permission from Sinjin Delmore

Baylie Beard is highly involved in OHS and encourages others to do the same.

Trinity Schupp, Writer

Within Ozark High School, there are a handful of students whose commitment to their school stands out more than others, one of these students is Baylie Beard.

Throughout her senior year alone, Beard has been involved in NHS, Science Club, Academic Team, Spirit Squad, YEPO, Culture Club, and DECA. She is also the treasurer for Key Club, the commissioner for Link Crew, and the president of FBLA. Along with all of these, Beard has also started a program called Generation Action and helps fund the school plastic recycling program. These clubs and programs all require out of school involvement or an abnormal amount of commitment during the school day that many students don’t have to handle. Beard takes pride in the amount of time put into these clubs and knows they have taught her many things. 

“The most valuable thing that I’ve learned in my high school career is to just have fun. If you want to dancedance. If you want to laugh out loud, laugh,” said Beard.

Hours of time and effort are required to have success in many clubs and programs. Being involved in the school system can be highly rewarding and Beard encourages the upcoming classes of students to participate. Beard said, “I would encourage incoming students to at least go to the first meeting of any clubs that they are interested in. Also, realize you need to find your balance. I slowly joined new clubs every year, and it made a big difference in how much I could handle. Don’t be afraid to wait a year to join a club you’re interested in.