A National Morning to Remember


Photo used with permission by Pastor Juan Marti

The Seniors of Ozark High School gather around in a circle to pray for the upcoming school year. Scroggins said, “It was so great to see that many students come out to support this event.”

Katie Wells, Writer

On September 25 across the nation, thousands of students gathered at their school’s flag poles to pray for their schools. 

Ozark High School celebrated the day by eating delicious breakfast foods, having a time of worship, and splitting into each grade to come together as a community to believe God to do great things at school. 

Senior Mckenzie Scroggins and junior Katie Wells both lead FCA this year and they were excited about the club’s first big event. “It has already been such an amazing opportunity to get to lead this club and see the impact made,” said Scroggins.

Koula Tabuya, junior, participated in “See You At The Pole” for the first time this year. “This event made a difference by showing that people who don’t feel comfortable standing out for being a Christian aren’t alone and they have a whole community of students behind them.”

Junior Josie Lasley has attended the event since she was in 6th grade. “It’s nice to see fellow Christians, some of them that you didn’t know had the same beliefs, gather together. I enjoyed seeing everyone come together to worship, it such a special moment where everyone was singing.”