The Application of American Politics


Graphic created by Grace James

World News: The Application of American Politics in Ozark High School

Hannah Lind, Staff Writer and Yearbook Editor

On September 26, 2019, messages between United States diplomats and a senior Ukraine aid showed the desired meeting between President Trump and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky. 

According to CNN, these messages were released by the House Intelligence Committee and also showed how closely Trump’s attorney was connected to U.S policy in Ukraine. Additionally, the messages revealed a phone call on July 25, 2019, where Trump urged an investigation into Joe Biden as well as his son, Hunter Biden. Due to the believed communication between Trump and Ukraine, Democrats and much of the American public are urging for the impeachment of the president.

It is important to understand what Trump’s possible impeachment could mean for the American people. “The process of impeachment will further divide the American political landscape,” said Global Politics teacher, Sara Floyd. There is a chance that the process of trying to get Trump impeached could split up the political parties. It could make the Democrats appear farther left and Republicans appear farther right as the choose sides in this situation.

Whether or not Trump gets impeached, a giant split between parties could display weakness to other countries which may cause issues across seas. “Overall, if he used his office for political gain then he should be impeached. Even if he didn’t break the law, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve to be impeached,” said Floyd.

Understanding the current politics in the United States is important for students in high school as they get closer to turning eighteen and gain the opportunity to vote. “In a country that is increasingly politically polarized and with people losing relationships over political viewpoints, it is essential that we, as teachers, teach and talk about political subjects in a safe environment because where else will students have the opportunity to talk politics with those who may disagree with them,” said other I.B Global Politics teacher, Andy Thompson.

Yet, many students feel as if they learn more about history then what is currently going in the United States politically. “I think that current politics isn’t taught enough in school. It is almost as if when big moments happen in our political system we hear about it outside of school, but then it doesn’t get brought up in school,” said Senior Matthew Riley.

While it is important to know the history of the United States, it is just as important to apply the history along with current events. This is why many students feel as if gaining more knowledge about politics would help better prepare them for their life past high school and out into the real world.


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