A+ Tutoring Program Encourages Students To Get Involved


Savannah Goodwin

Senior Chloe Rubottom works with a student for her A+ tutoring class.

Savannah Goodwin, Writer

A+ Tutoring is a class offered at OHS for Juniors and Seniors. It consists of students choosing a classroom they would like to tutor for and then helping out around the classroom and with the classroom’s students.

This allows OHS students to learn more about life in the classroom environment and allows them to put their skills to use in helping the students. Not only this, but obtaining a certain amount of A+ tutoring hours gives plenty of scholarship opportunities, one of those being two free years of college at Ozarks Technical Community College. 

Senior Claire Metcalf said, “I originally decided to enroll in the A+ program because I thought I would use the program for OTC, but even after deciding against OTC my senior year, I still took  A+ just because I loved it. I have met a lot of new students through A+ and I have learned more about the importance of everyone having different learning paces and styles.” 

Another student enrolled in the A+ program, junior John Goins, shares why he loves it. “One big thing I have gotten out of being an A+ tutor is that I know more about how to interact with younger students. It’s been really fun to be in one of my old classes, but as a tutor now, where I get to help out while having fun with the students,” said Goins.