ASL Club Strives for Higher Communication


Jessie Marshall

Sophomores Hartley Bassett and Kenna Mayfield practice signing the alphabet.

Jessie Marshall, Writer

Everybody deserves the same opportunity to communicate and express themselves throughout the school. The American Sign Language Club is working to bring this into Ozark.

The ASL Club is bringing diversity into Ozark with great strides. This Club is allowing students to learn sign language and help educate them on the importance of knowing the language.

Ozark is striving to become better communicators as a community and include everybody in our everyday conversations. The goal of the ASL Club is to bring awareness towards deaf individuals and they want Ozark to know how to interact with individuals out in public.

The representative of the ASL Club, Ms. Brittany Fudge, said, “I think even learning the basic version of sign language, like finger-spelling, can make a deaf individual feel loved and included in any situation. Being able to say, ‘Hello, my name is B-r-i-t-t-a-n-y. Nice to meet you!’ would make that individual smile ear to ear. Learning the basic ASL makes it all worth it.”

Many do not know, but around this part of Missouri, there is a large deaf population and bringing sign language into Ozark is very empowering and helps individuals feel included.

Mr. Jeremy Alsup said, “I thought it would be useful to learn ASL as a language, but also a way of communication that many people utilize and I thought that it would be important to learn.”

As a community, we pride ourselves on being able to communicate will all individuals and the ASL Club is helping us go even farther.