Athlete Spotlight – Mark Shtevnin


Trinity Schupp

Mark Shtevnin drop kicks the ball down the field during the Nixa game. Ozark won 4-3 in a shootout at the end of the game.

Amy Surface, Writer

The fall sports seasons are coming to a close. This means it will be the last time that Mark Shtevnin, along with other senior athletes, will be able to wear an Ozark uniform. 

Shtevnin is the goalkeeper for the Varsity Soccer team and has worked hard to make this season his best yet. His skills, as well as his teammates’, have been extremely effective in helping Ozark achieve an overall record of 18-2 and gain the 8th spot in state rankings. 

“I feel like I’ve improved in every aspect throughout my high school career. I have learned from my mistakes and will continue to improve as I move forward,” said Shtevnin. Shtevnin has played soccer for as long as he can remember and has been with Ozark since his sophomore year. 

“Everyone [on the Ozark Soccer team] is having fun, joking with each other, etc. They are all great people to be around and make me feel more welcome than any other team I’ve played on,” said Shtevnin. Shtevnin is one of fourteen seniors who will graduate this school year, which makes for a tight environment as the team has been together for so long. The boys are there for each other on and off the field, helping bring success to the games. 

Shtevnin has a few games left before he turns in his Ozark jersey for the last time. These few years will be memories he’ll have throughout the next steps of his athletic and academic careers. For each team he’s played on, Shtevnin has had the same thought. “What inspires me when I play soccer is playing for the people that love me as a person. I want to play my hardest and show that this is my passion,” said Shtevnin.