Athlete Spotlight – Kinsey Mcallister

Junior Kinsey Mcallister prepares to serve the ball.

Trinity Schupp

Junior Kinsey Mcallister prepares to serve the ball.

Madison Maleare, Writer

To be successful in volleyball you need to have these key skills: quick feet, fast reaction time, good leadership skills, and being able to jump high.

Junior Kinsey Mcallister excels at all of this. Mcallister has been playing volleyball for eight years. She plays on both the school team and on a competitive team. In volleyball, Kinsey is a defensive specialist. “I love this position because it’s very fast, and it requires you to move constantly. Just in general, volleyball is the perfect sport for me. It’s very fast-paced, and I love how it’s all team-based,” said Mcallister.

On and off the court Kinsey is a supportive teammate/classmate, always positive, and tries hard in everything she does. Being a committed athlete takes a lot of time and practice, and can be difficult to balance with school work.

Mcallister excels in taking time to study and do well in school just as much as she takes time to do well in volleyball. “In this sport, my team really inspires me to be better and do better. I always push myself to work hard and get a pass so that they can put it down. This sport requires so much teamwork. Not one person can do it all, so these girls really help me strive to be a better teammate and player for them.”