Teacher Spotlight- Mr. Thompson


Ali Collins

Mr Thompson prepares for his day by checking emails.

Ali Collins, Writer

Get ready to meet this week’s teacher spotlight which is shown upon Ozarks’ very own Government and IB Global Politics teacher, Mr. Andrew Thompson. 

This is Mr. Thompson’s 7th year teaching, but coming out of high school and into college, it was not a part of his plan. Thompson is a second career teacher, so he had a previous study of work beforehand. Which, in this case, was in Information Technology (I.T.).

“Coming out of high school I planned on doing communications but found that I wanted to do something more in social studies. I got my degree in government and started working in I.T. but I kept wanting to go back to teaching,” said Thompson.

And that’s exactly what he did. Thompson is a prime example of a student coming out of high school with a plan but a different area of study interested him more. This just goes to show that if you do change your plan it could really work out and end up being what you really enjoy more.

When asked his favorite thing about watching his students grow and digest everything that he is teaching, Thompson mentioned that the students are what make teaching fun for him. “I love my content area, but there’s never a bad day when you’re hanging out with a group of students and get to help them learn,” said Thompson.

Thompson also touched on how he does not have a favorite area of social studies, but rather enjoys teaching both subjects. This is because he gets to focus on domestic topics with his Government classes and more foreign subjects in IB Global Politics. 

Although Mr. Thompson had a different plan earlier on in life, he loves what he does as a teacher, and it’s because of the students of OHS that make his days significantly better.