White Elephant Poets Bring Music to OHS


Madison Maleare

Hanna McConnell and Anna Schnakenberg perform their original song, Space Camp, at the annual YEPO Talent Show.

Katie Marshall, Writer

Many students had the chance to show off their extraordinary talents at this year’s YEPO Talent Show. One of the acts that stood out was Sophomores Hanna Mcconnell and Anna Schnakenberg’s group, the White Elephant Poets.

The White Elephant Poets is a two-man band consisting of Hanna Mcconnell, who sings and plays guitar, and Anna Schnakenberg, who also sings and plays percussions. Both of the girls are expected to participate in the talent show for the next two years.

This year was their second time participating in the show. The first was surprisingly the first performance they ever had as a group.

“We were kind of just eating lunch one day and Hanna goes, ‘I need you to play tambourine for me in the Freshman Talent show.’ We didn’t really know each other, but I just said okay. Then after the show we just realized, this is a band now,” said Schnakenberg.

From the first performance to now, it is undeniable that this stumbled upon dynamic just works. McConnell said, “We love getting to hang out with each other and do what we love. Anytime we get to play together it’s just awesome because we get closer as friends and bandmates. I think we know everything about each other at this point, we know all of our weird quirks.”

The group has faced numerous different challenges throughout their time including finding opportunities for rehearsal to their talents being doubted because of their young age. “It’s really hard to find rehearsal time as highschool students. We also have places who doubt our abilities because of our age, but the places who do take a chance on us always have great things to say about our professionalism and our music,” said Schnakenberg.

No matter the amount of time for rehearsal of the doubts from other people, the White Elephant Poets will continue to provide music and entertainment at Ozark High School.