Above and Beyond

Many students struggle to maintain good grades while keeping a job.

Photo via Picserver under the Creative Commons License.

Many students struggle to maintain good grades while keeping a job.

Hannah Lind, Yearbook Editor and Writer

Not only do young high school students challenge themselves academically, but also in their personal time as they spend numerous hours working part-time jobs.

Juggling academics, clubs, and activities can be very tough for students. Being in high school puts a heavyweight on students to spend many hours in school and then complete all their homework. A great deal of students find themselves also taking on the laborious task of working a part-time job. Students take it upon themselves to work these jobs for various reasons: to pay for college, to help their family, or to even have some extra spending money for themselves.

For Senior Emily Linde, it was important for her to work for her own money and not rely on her parents. However, getting a job has been difficult for Linde. She has had to handle being in Key Club, full diploma IB, and competitive dance outside of school while also working at Wendy’s.

“Being involved and active in so much has most importantly taught me time management,” said Linde. “It’s been hard to find time to do homework in between school, work, and dance but it has taught me an important skill.”

Responsibility is a large factor in high school students having jobs. Madison Moreland, senior, needed to get a job to learn responsibility for an easier transition from high school to later pursuits in life. “It is organization that is the key to success and gaining responsibility,” said Moreland. “I have to keep three different schedules between work, volunteering, and school. It is important that these do not overlap.”

Between Moreland’s OTC classes and her volunteering at Wonder’s of Wildlife, it is vital for her that she shows the responsibility to also handle a job and create multiple schedules to delegate her time in the best way possible.

However, having a job in high schools is more about just the challenges and responsibility, it’s also about all the lessons learned. These students must get recognized for all their tremendous hard work. These students push past the normal difficulties of being high school students and go above and beyond to challenge themselves and gain various skills and lessons.