Athlete Spotlight- Kaden Bowling


The Boys swim team happily and proudly take the honor of winning their COC tournament.

Savannah Goodwin, Writer

The OHS boys swim team have been making record breaking achievements, both individually and as a team.

Junior Kaden Bowling is one of those swim team members. Bowling has flourished this past season with many accomplishments. He qualified for state, won COC, and even broke the school record of diving with a score of 441.5 points. 

“I love swimming because it has introduced me to a great group of teammates. It’s showed me how to work together with them and combine our strengths in order to achieve a certain goal,” said Bowling.

These accomplishments don’t just come easy. There are many hardships Bowling has to face in order to succeed. 

Bowling said, “Diving has really shown me how to be mentally tough. Whenever I have to learn a new dive it’s really scary because there’s always that fear of messing up and belly flopping or back flopping. I’ve learned that I have to just go for it in order to succeed.”

Practice is every day of the week for two hours, and requires a drive to a swimming complex in Springfield, showing that the swimmers sacrifice a lot of their own time for the sport.

“It is a constant mental battle. Every dive I do, I have to push past the fear of messing up and I have to just go for it. There’s been days where I would leave practice with huge bruises all over my body from flopping so hard, but I know in order to achieve my goals I had to push through those difficult times,” said Bowling.