Ozark Alumni Reminisce About Their High School Days


Jessie Marshall

Mr. Matt Fevold helps Junior Claire Reynolds on a marketing assignment.

Amy Surface, Writer

As graduation caps are thrown up at the end of each year, seniors will walk out of the Ozark doors without a glance back. For some, this is not the conclusion of their time at Ozark High School. Many of them will return, not as students, but as teachers. 

In the past 97 years that Ozark High School has been providing education, there have been multiple changes in the building, size, classes, teachers, and students. Each class of alumni that has walked these halls has unique experiences that makeup Ozark’s history. 

“The biggest changes are how the town and school have grown. Also, the way that teachers educate is totally different. I would say teachers are a lot more available to help now and they try to appeal to all students,” said Mrs. Sandi Criswell, an English teacher and former Ozark student. Criswell is one of the many teachers at Ozark High School that also attended as a student. Criswell came back because of Ozark’s superior education, and the firm community that surrounds it. 

Ozark as a town and school district has grown tremendously since its opening. Up until 2004, Ozark High School was the current junior high building and included the middle schoolers. There are now eight schools, a career center, and a farm for FFA and agriculture classes. Ozark’s district enrollment in 1999 was 3450, and is now greater than 5800. 

“It was fun going to Ozark so therefore I wanted to come back. It has a small-town feel, everyone knows everyone,” said Mr. Matt Fevold, Ozark alumni. Fevold currently teaches Marketing and other business classes at Ozark High School. 

Both Fevold and Criswell enjoy seeing present students going through the same experiences that they did. While there have been many changes throughout the years, the core of Ozark has been the same; strong community and support brings success across every aspect of high school.

“I would tell [students] to enjoy their high school experience. It’s one of the only spots in life where all of your friends come to the same place. After high school, everyone goes their own paths and ways. You should enjoy high school while you can because it won’t last forever,” said Fevold.