GSA is Arising to Empower

Mrs. Anissa Barber says,

Photo via wikimedia under the Creative Commons License.

Mrs. Anissa Barber says, “This club has already built so many friendships and it is teaching our students to love others with no limitations.”

Katie Wells, Writer

There are numerous clubs and activities that students at OHS can participate in, and a new one is coming to take action for equality in the school.

Mrs. Anissa Barber is the founder of the GSA club which is a club that is helping teenagers that deal with sexual identity to find a place where they belong. “Most importantly, this club is just a place for people to feel safe and loved. Also, it is important to know that this club isn’t just for people that are gay, but those who are allies,” said Barber.

Allies are students that identify themselves as straight but want to support those of other genders. The GLSEN National School Climate Survey in 2015 showed that 75% of LGBTQ individuals experience verbal harassment in relation to sexual orientation. 

One student that is wanting to support the cause is senior Makyah Weatherby. “This club gives people an outlet. Last year there were posters that were being put up to help support the students and they would just tear down the signs and rip them. This is just one example of why we need to show more kindness to others,” said Weatherby. 

Another student that is taking a stand to the problems at stake is the president of the club, senior Theo Wright. “Having a place where students can feel wanted and important is important to there own personal health and well being. I came in just trying to rebuild a club that had not been active at Ozark for a couple of years, and it has been exciting to see the positive outcome,” said Wright. 

This is a national club that is giving students a voice to speak what they believe is right. You could make an impact by joining a club like this to help make a difference for issues that need to be stood up for.


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