Pin it to Win it


Madison Maleare

Kale Conway wins the match by pinning his opponent.

Lakyn Cox, Writer

Wrestling is described as one of the most self-accountable sports because you can’t blame others for the mistakes you make.

The boys on the Ozark wrestling team have been putting in hard work since the summer, and their work shows after each and every meet. Junior Elijah Maskrod, returning State Qualifier, said, “You have to give it everything you have every practice if you want to compete at a high level. When you are on the mat it is just you and your opponent there is no one else to help you.” Maskrod has been wrestling for 5 years now and doesn’t disappoint.

Head Coach Tod Sundlie said, “I’ve been coaching for three years as the Head Coach now but 11 years overall and each year is very different. This year there is a much different chemistry but there is good energy so I’m excited to see how that goes.”

The season starts in December and ends at the beginning of February which gives the boys a couple of months to show their talent and prove it on the mats. Senior Kale Conway said, “I dedicate myself to wrestling all year round. There aren’t many breaks but maybe a couple of months throughout the year. That’s what it takes and it takes a toll on your body, but you have to push through it.”

The Ozark wrestlers put all they have into the sport and improve every single day, but certain individuals, such as David Howser, look up to fellow teammates that wrestle on the varsity team and get inspired to push harder. Howser said, “I’ve developed really strong bonds with the people on the team because we’re together all the time, and we all work towards a common goal. When I’m on the mat it is just me and the opponent. There is no one else to help me.”

No matter where the team wrestles, they continue to prove themselves against other teams.