JV Girls Basketball Team Shoots for the Stars


Trinity Schupp

Sophomore Zeffieanne Kent dribbles the ball down the court during a JV basketball game against Webb City.

Trinity Schupp, Writer

By keeping their heads in the game and their eyes on the prize, the Ozark JV Girls Basketball team starts their year out with a winning record and a positive outlook.

When competing in sports, every athlete must work their hardest to achieve more than those who go against them. This year, there is no doubt that the team has been working hard on and off the court in hopes of success. In practice, the Girls Basketball team has been putting tireless effort into conditioning, rebounding, and defensive work to better themselves for this season and future seasons to come. Off the court, they are forming a comradery and learning to trust each other while mentally preparing for every game.

“In basketball, you have to give your best effort on the court at all times and have fun. I would like to improve my connections with everyone on the court, especially the freshmen that have stepped up to JV this year. I would like for us to learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses and play to those abilities,” said Sophomore Zeffieanne Kent.

Without chemistry, a team is unable to work together to secure a win, but this year’s team seems to have no problem achieving whatever is needed on the court. Going in the Ozark-hosted JV tournament, the team is holding a record of 4-0 and hoping to grow from there. Coach Brandon Clift said, “Our main goal is to get better every day and to be prepared to compete every night. I love the game of basketball and I like working with these kids. I want to help them learn skills not only for the game of basketball but for their entire lives.”

The developing season looks promising and the team is prepared for every curve and adjustment thrown at them. With encouragement from their coach and hard-work from the girls, this year is likely to be extremely successful for the Ozark JV Girls Basketball team.