Athlete Spotlight – Olivia Hanks


Lakyn Cox

Senior Olivia Hanks faces up to her opponent stopping her from driving to the basket.

Katie Marshall, Writer

With winter sports starting a few weeks ago, this year’s seniors are eager to see what their last season has to offer. This is Senior Olivia Hanks’ second and final sport of the year. 

Hanks began her senior year with a successful season and a trip to state with the Ozark Girl’s Golf Team. Hanks has played golf for three years now but has been playing basketball practically her entire life.  Hanks has been playing basketball as an Ozark Tiger for all four years of high school, but she has played the sport for much longer than that.

“I’ve played basketball for as long as I can remember from upwards to now. My first memory of playing basketball was going to the high school basketball camps. I enjoyed getting a head start playing the game I love and learning new things,” said Hanks.

After finishing off her golf season, Hanks is ready to swing right into the basketball season and find out what her senior year will bring. “I am looking forward to being able to play the game I love with my best friends and make new memories,” said Hanks.

Hanks is one of three returning seniors on this year’s team and they have already proven that they are a force to be reckoned with. The girls have only a few games and have already achieved great things. “I am super excited for what this year has to offer, we just broke a school record and I am so excited to see what else we can do,” said Hanks. The team played against Dexter High on day one of the SEMO Border Classic and scored a record-breaking amount of 91 points.

Though breaking records and winning games is a big goal of all teams, Hanks sees basketball as more than just a game. “Basketball teaches you to work hard and work with teammates. It also teaches you to never give up and always give your best effort,” said Hanks.

Working on your skills in the off season is one of the most important parts of any sport. Hanks makes sure that she stays in shape in a majority of ways. “I would stay in shape and work on my skills by playing AAU basketball all summer. I also had workouts that I did with some of my teammates to make sure we stay active when we weren’t playing school ball.”

Hanks looks forward to a great final season with her friends and a future career as an Evangel Crusader.