Girls Swim Makes a Splash


Photo used with permission from Emily Cobb.

Brookelynn Bass, Ashley Mallonee, Emily Cobb, and Claire George show off their medals after a meet.

Ashlyn Dewitt, Writer

The Ozark Girls Swim Team has had an outstanding record in past years and they intend to keep that up this season. 

In the winter of the 2018-2019 school year, the team placed 5th at COC and sent six girls to compete at state. The swimmers on the team this year intend to train hard and become even stronger to perform just as well this season. Claire George, sophomore, has been swimming for five years for her club team and two years for the OHS Girls Swim Team. “My goal for the season is to hopefully make a state cut in the 50 freestyle. Our relay team is also working towards the state cut in the 200 medley,” said George. 

George and her fellow teammates use their strong mentality and dedication to perform better each meet. The team has had a long season with many challenges. George shared how they work together to stay motivated. “When we hit about the middle of the season it’s exhausting for the whole team. We have school work to keep up with and multiple practices every day, so, during this time, we try to get as much rest as possible and stay motivated by looking ahead at the ways our hard work will pay off,” said George. 

Swimming is great for students who are constantly looking to improve. This sport pushes the limits and the results are impressive. “The biggest lesson I’ve learned from swim is time management. Between practices, meets, and school, my schedule is very full. I also really love naps so I have to budget my time carefully,” said George. 

Senior Brookelynn Bass has been a swimmer for ten years. Four of those years she has spent on the Ozark Girl’s Swim Team. Her hard work and persistent attitude have made her an important part of the team. “Swim has taught me that you have to work hard for the things you want. You can’t over or under think it. I’ve also learned that you can still have fun under pressure. Swim helps to calm my nerves and it eases my stress,” said Bass.

Bass hopes to become a better leader and qualify for state again. As the girls continue to practice and train daily, they dip their toes into the start of a great season.