Local Jack of All Trades


Used with permission from Ethan Paladino and taken by Shana Lynne Photography.

Ethan Paladino smiles for a Senior Sunday photo. “If you had told me when I was a freshman that I would join a club called DECA and make it to Nationals I never would’ve believed you.”

Katie Wells, Writer

Senior Ethan Paladino is a student who never feels like a stranger, he is easy to connect with, and hard to forget.

Paladino has made his four years in high school worthwhile by participating in many different clubs and events. “I have just always felt the need to be apart of the clubs in our school and so I pour myself into the programs we have at OHS. I am the Vice President for DECA in the district and at Ozark High School. I am an NHS officer and participate in Speech and Debate and FBLA. My favorite activity that I have loved doing for two years is commentating at every sporting event during every season,” said Paladino. 

There are very few students who can say that they help lead or are a member of as many clubs as Paladino is. All these accomplishments will also help him go to Mizzou to major in journalism which will hopefully help Paladino kick-start his career as a sports analyst. “My goal is to go into the same field of work as commentating and with the experience I have. Just like a high schooler, I am hoping that it will benefit as I look for scholarships and career options,” said Paladino. 

Being committed to so many things is easier said than done. Paladino said, “I joined a business class as a sophomore just out on a whim, but little did I know that a couple of weeks from then I would take a test for DECA and get the highest score of the class. From then on I grew my skills and ended up going to districts. Over the last two years, I have climbed up the ladder, and this past year I went to nationals in Orlando. So my advice to students is to try new things because you never know where it might take you. But not just to try new things but step out of your comfort zone, that is something that I strive to do throughout high school.”

To students unsure of what club is the best fit for you, Paladino recommends just putting yourself out there because you never know how it will turn out. “I have gained some of my best friends out of all the activities that I plugged myself into in high school and I have not regretted any of the choices I made,” said Paladino.