Academic Team Opens Up Opportunities for the Future


Used with permission from Jodi Samsinak.

Hayden Londeen, Madeleine Franklin, Keenon Burns, and Mackenzie Richardson huddle around a table during Academic Team practice to work on a trivia sheet.

Trinity Schupp, Writer

Academics can open up opportunities for success and knowledge which allow students to thrive throughout their lives, whether in or out of school.

Using obscure trivial knowledge, the Ozark Academic Team competes against schools from across the state, and if they go far enough, the country. The team uses a buzzer system to ring in answers about a variety of topics, such as math, geography, literature, and language. Each correct answer gains the team a point. This year, along with the buzzers, timed worksheets are used to gauge the team’s knowledge.

“My favorite part of the Academic Team is getting a question right for the team. One of the best feelings is when you’re able to help your team succeed,” said Hartley Bassett, sophomore.

The Academic Team not only gives students a way to compete but a way to bond with their fellow classmates and create a tight-knit friend group. Between the weekly Thursday practices, and occasional Thursday competitions, the team tends to spend plenty of time together. Having to trust each other to perform well in competitions allows a sense of faith in one another and allows students to discover the scholastic abilities of their classmates, whether they win or lose.

“My favorite part of the Academic Team is the people. We never fail to have a good time and have a laugh, regardless of the outcome of the tournament. The team is filled with talented and supportive people, and truly makes the club what it is,” said Senior Jessica Campbell, Captain of the Academic Team.

In February, the team will take a trip to Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar, Missouri to compete against other teams and tour the college. This experience will likely help strengthen the competing student’s future goals and ideas for their post-high school experiences and can be valued throughout their lives. Whether they win or lose, this group of teammates always create valuable memories that will stick with them for the years to come.