Science Olympiad Members Prepare for Competition


Heather McConnell

Sophomore Ellie Kitchin roasts a marshmallow over a bunsen burner.

Heather McConnell, Writer

Many students feel like the content they are learning in school will never apply in real-life, but Science Olympiad allows students to connect the book work with reality. Members of Science Olympiad have the opportunity to expand their knowledge of science and compete in an event that interests them. Students have a variety of different categories with twenty-three events to choose from.

“The events are diverse and test a range of scientific knowledge and application. There are events like fossils, anatomy, physics, chemistry, forensics, and so many others,” said Club Sponsor Mrs. Rebekah Jenkins.

Competitions are held twice a year; one in February and one in April. Around 30 schools compete in February at the competition held at Missouri State University. Students who place in the top five at this competition will have the opportunity to compete at a state-level competition in April.

This year there are 30 students involved in the Ozark Science Olympiad who will be competing at the MSU competition on February 22. Ellie Kitchin, sophomore, says one of her favorite things about Science Olympiad is competing.

“I first joined because I just thought it would be fun to learn more about science. I’m just really curious, but I also like going to all of the different competitions,” said Kitchin.

Many other students involved enjoy the challenge and enjoy learning new things. Before the members of the competition prepare for their event that they will be representing.

“I like doing challenging things and learning about things I wouldn’t normally learn about. I love learning more about the world,” said Doyle.

Camon Lairmore, sophomore, enjoys the hands-on experience that Science Olympiad offers. “I like the building aspect of Science Olympiad. We get to build a lot of stuff and I think that’s really fun and unique,” said Lairmore.