Students Voice Their Opinion on the School Time Changing

Sophomore Sophia Lapour, cheering at the first football game of the year.

Jacey Loving

Sophomore Sophia Lapour, cheering at the first football game of the year.

Jacey Loving, Writer

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Ozark High School students have been used to the same schedule for years now. However, starting next year the board has decided that students will be starting 15 minutes earlier than previous years. The reason for this is to eliminate makeup snow days.

In the school year of 2018-2019, Ozark had a total of 14 snow days. A lot of those weren’t able to be made up. One of the benefits behind all of this is that with the added time to each school day the students won’t have to make up snow days for up to 20 days. 

Although there are benefits to this, like not having to make up any snow days. A lot of students are having mixed emotions about this. 

Junior Anna Hitt says, “I think it won’t make that big of a difference starting 15 minutes earlier, but I think it’s somewhat positive because the benefits this gives all of us outweighs a lot of the negatives.” 

Sophomore Sophia Lapour says,” Waking up 15 minutes early is a bigger change than most think but I think this is a good thing that gives us a lot of benefits. I live about 20 minutes from the school so this will make my mornings a little more stressful but I’m not opposed to it. Making up snow days is never fun and this eliminates having to do this so it will be a good change.”

The drawbacks to this will affect students similar to Sophia’s situation and may feel like a big change, but overall it’ll be something easy to adjust to.