Local Artist Paints the World Around Her


Amy Surface

Grace Stine, senior, poses with her favorite painting. “It’s my favorite painting because it was my first painting to portray life. I learned how to properly shade and blend in that painting and I think it’s super cute,” said Stine.

Fascination and passion can drive people to create and do amazing things. For Senior Grace Stine, painting is how she expresses her perspective on the world. 

Stine has been interested in art for as long as she can remember. At OHS, she has taken Art Foundations, Painting I, and Painting II. Throughout the years, Stine has created numerous images of scenery, still life, animals, and recently, people.

“Many times I will get ideas from other pieces of art, and then I will put my own twist on it. This past year I’ve done several portraits and I’ve painted based on photos I’ve taken,” said Stine. 

While she gets her ideas from the objects around her, Stine’s family inspires and encourages her in every piece she works on. She looks to her parents who are both very gifted creators. Stine was able to gain that creativity from her parents and show it not only through her art but also through her talent in dance. 

“They are both so encouraging for me to continue creating art. My family has always been there and they have always had a positive influence as I am learning more and more techniques.” 

Even when times can become stressful or difficult, art helps Stine to relax and enjoy what she’s doing. Stine can transfer whatever she is feeling into the piece of artwork and create a beautiful reflection. 

“It’s something that I have always been able to relate to. I love the feeling of accomplishing a project that can bring myself and others joy. I also think art is amazing because when you look at a piece of artwork you can tell the emotion the artist put into it and no two pieces are the same,” said Stine. 

Few people can look at an arrangement of colors and turn it into an appealing masterpiece. Stine uses these skills and talents she has to portray the world uniquely and bring happiness to those around her.