Ozark Students Search for Motivation


Photo used with permission from Josh Dean.

Junior Josh Dean stays motivated while working on an assignment.

As the second semester rolls around, students at Ozark High School are struggling to stay motivated.

Whether it’s playing video games, reading, drawing, or just scrolling through social media, students are constantly searching for free time to sit back and relax. To most students, these activities are much more appealing than homework, assignments, and studying. So how do students stay motivated to do their school work?

Junior Josh Dean is on the Swim and Dive Team at Ozark High School. He stays busy with practices and meets, and it’s hard for him to find time to do school work.

“I find myself struggling to stay motivated in school whenever I’ve fallen behind in my classes and can’t catch up on schoolwork,” said Dean.

Students have different ways of coping with a lack of motivation. For Dean, seeking help from teachers and friends who understand the material helps him to stay motivated.  

Senioritis is a familiar term for high school students. This made-up condition occurs when students experience a lack of motivation during their last year of high school. According to EducationWorld.com, professionals say that common symptoms of senioritis include mild to moderate cases of staring out the window, swollen ego, inflammation of the winning gland, and excessive tardiness. 

Senior Kaitlyn Soto said, “I’m a very independent person, so when the teacher lectures for long periods of time, I find it hard to stay motivated and often zone out. To overcome this I distract myself by focusing on the work I have to finish.”

High school is a place that pushes the limits and shows a student’s true work ethic. 

When asked what advice she would give to a younger student, Soto said, “Take classes that you’re interested in. If you don’t care about the content you’re learning, chances are you’re not going to be motivated to finish the work.”

With years of experience, students figure out their way to stay motivated and get work done. To overcome a lack of motivation, students can change their approach, set attainable goals, or find a support system through their peers to help them stay on track.