Sunshine, Ice, and Everything Nice


Photo via Public Domain Pictures under the Creative Commons License.

James Rice, sophomore, said, “The best snow days are the ones that provide the most snow. I love getting with a couple of my friends and finding the largest hill to sled on, but rarely do we ever have that much snow.”

The weather in the Springfield area seems to change overnight.

According to Nate Silver, American Statistician and special correspondent for ABC News, research shows that both Kansas City and St. Louis, MO are ranked as two out of ten of the top cities that have the most unpredictable weather patterns in the United States. For students in Ozark, this means that random snow days are bound to happen in the winter. 

10 students were interviewed on their opinions about snow days and all of them agreed that summer weather tops the blistering cold that Missouri can bring in January. Junior Josh Dean said, “I would always rather have summer weather because I am an active person and enjoy hanging out with friends but to me, the winter cold gets in the way of that.”

Calla Yearta-Sothern, sophomore, always tries to take advantage of the relaxing day when a snow day comes her way. “Of course like any other person, I start my snow day by sleeping in. But I enjoy baking, I probably use half of our flour and sugar when we have a snow day. Depending on what mood I am in, I will either bake some cookies or a unique cake,” said Yearta-Sothern. 

Sophomore James Rice is a typical teenager that enjoys a day off every once in a while. “I immediately feel a relief of stress when my parents get the ‘no school’ phone call. My day normally includes making lots of Tik Tok videos,” said Rice.

Senior Elias Lairmore simply said, “My bed is the only friend that I see on a snow day and my breakfast is normally at around 2 PM.” 

So whether you are the type of student that likes to be creative and use your time wisely on the day off, or you enjoy your schedule to be full of binge-watching the best Netflix series, the Ozark School District is bound to provide spontaneous snow days when weird weather comes our way. 


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