Athlete Spotlight- Jake Skaggs


Photo used with permission from Jake Skaggs.

Senior Jake Skaggs pitches the ball.

Faith Grigg, Writer

Winter sports are coming to an end, making a way for spring sports to begin. For Senior Jake Skaggs, that means wrapping up his last basketball season and getting ready for his final baseball season at Ozark High School.

Skaggs said he is ready for the upcoming season and has set a lot of goals for himself and the team. “This year I hope to be a good leader on the field and motivate my teammates into becoming better baseball players. As a team, we hope to win conference, district, and make a run towards a state championship,” said Skaggs. To make this happen, the team and Skaggs are already putting in work as the season approaches. 

Since Skaggs has been playing his whole life, he’s picked up a few strategies along the way that help him before upcoming games, so that he and his team may reach those goals. “I prepare for games mentally by relaxing and going through situations in my head that I can potentially go through during the games. I prepare physically by getting the proper amount of swings in and making sure my entire body is loose and warm before stepping on the diamond,” said Skaggs.

When it comes down to it, Skaggs is extremely dedicated to the sport and has a lot of motivation that he said stems from his coaches and teammates. “The team has shown me that I am capable of more than I think. With that being said, my motivation comes from wanting to be the best player I can be for them,” said Skaggs. 

Playing for such a competitive sport has its challenges though. Skaggs said, “Baseball challenges me every year to be better than I was the day before. I try to become a better man and baseball player day in and day out. However, these challenges make me work harder and try perfecting my craft.”

As expressed, Skaggs and the team have a lot to work towards and look forward to this season.