Artist Spotlight- Alex Wiley


Photo used with permission from Alex Wiley.

Self portrait of Sophomore, Alex Wiley.

Ali Collins, Writer

Ozark High School is full of artists that range from digital pieces to paper, and even ceramics. This week we will be focusing on Sophomore artist, Alex Wiley. 

Wiley has always had a passion for art throughout her lifetime. Ever since she could hold a crayon, she has formed into a self-taught artist at a very young age. Her core abilities involve drawing and painting. Wiley has a unique eye for drawing people specifically. Wiley said her dad has gotten her into art and influenced her growing up. She remembers many moments where they spent time drawing together.

Wiley has big plans and is passionate about working towards a future profession surrounding art. When asked who or what her biggest inspirations are she said, “The people who are able to make a living and career out of what they love doing.”

Wiley said that she has learned that there’s something special in everything when it comes to art. “Shapes, sizes, colors, anything can be what you want it to be, and perspective matters.” Perspective matters because anything can be interpreted in any way from an individual depending on personal experiences. The first impression of a visual on its own can have a different effect or meaning to an individual. 

Wiley said her favorite aspect of art is freedom. “There’s a big world of art, and most artists can or choose to only show a sliver of what that world inside can offer,” said Wiley.

In other words, Wiley values the independence that comes along with art because there’s always something more that can be interpreted throughout any art form. When asked what message Wiley likes to portray within her art, she said, “Most of the time I never choose a message to portray. When people ask what a painting of mine means, I tell them it means nothing. It’s just something I made.” She enjoys leaving meaning up to the audience. 

Wiley appreciates interpretation through art and the idea of how different pieces can have different meanings to different people. She will continue to evolve and involve herself in art classes throughout her high school career in hopes to carry her skills on to a professional setting.