Students Dance the Night Away at Winter Homecoming


Trinity Schupp

Seniors Troy Davidson and Ashley Mallonee smile excitedly as they are crowned homecoming king and queen.

Trinity Schupp, Writer

School spirit, dancing like nobody’s watching, and spending time with friends; that’s what Homecoming is all about.

Homecoming set off with an eventful start this year. At the beginning of the week, STUCO hosted a school assembly that consisted of the presentation of the homecoming court, a performance from both the band and the dance team, and fun games for the members of the court. Throughout the week, students were then encouraged to participate in Spirit Days like pajama day, country club day, camo day, and jersey day.

“It’s important that the students participate in Spirit Week because it brings every part of the student body together to do the same thing,” said Senior Tucker Moeller.

This year’s Winter Homecoming sophomore court members were Kenna Mayfield and Sophia Lapour, escorted by Sophomores Tyler Harmon and Ryan Dotson.

For the junior class, both Savannah Eisman and Anna Hitt, escorted by Keetan Stutesman and Colten Casteel.

This year’s Homecoming Queen candidates were Seniors Ashley Mallonee, Morgan Austin, Katelyn Mayes, and Annaliyah Printy. They were escorted by Senior Homecoming King candidates Troy Davidson, Wyatt Snyder, Seth Glossip, and Riley Sundlie. The elected king and queen were Troy Davidson and Ashley Mallonee.

“It was a big surprise to be elected queen. There was a lot of excitement along with total shock,” said Mallonee.

Once the school week was over, everyone prepared for the events they had been waiting for: the homecoming dance and game. The big night started well, with the Varsity Boys Basketball team defeating Neosho 68-59 and it only got better from there. The student section went all out for “Tacky Tourist Night”, hyping up the basketball team every step of the way. After the game, students danced the night away in the cafeteria with their classmates. Homecoming Week was a complete success.