Rifle Team Represents Ozark at Nationals


Lakyn Cox

Junior Alexis Williams practices her shooting for nationals.

Heather McConnell, Writer

After winning the state championship, the Rifle Team is headed to Anniston, Alabama for Nationals to compete against 80 other top schools from around the nation. First Sergeant William Crawford believes the team has been very successful this season and are likely to place in the top five.

“We have placed well throughout the year and won our state championship again. I believe that we have a chance to place in the top five in the nation,” said Crawford.

Nationals are February 5-9. Once the team arrives, they will compete in shooting a three-position air rifle match in both the precision and sport category.

Alexis Williams, junior, is proud of the team’s success this season and is hopeful that the team will place high at nationals.

“I’m most proud of how our team has been doing this year. This is the first year since 2014 that we placed at Montgomery Bell, which my team got first place in. I’m so proud of how much we’ve improved,” said Williams.

Williams contributes a portion of their success this season to the mindset they have going into each competition. Each competition, they go in with the mindset of beating themselves and being better than they were the day before.

“Our personal goals are always to beat ourselves, so we are trying to beat our personal bests each match. The most challenging part is not getting in your head. It is very hard because sometimes you don’t shoot your best, and you will tear yourself up about it, but there is always another match to sweep, so we try not to look at the scores but the process that got us there,” said Williams.

Shealynn Myers, junior, hopes to enjoy the experience of the competition as well.

“I hope to have an amazing experience spending time with my team which happens every time I travel with them,” said Myers.

Myers said that even at 5:00 in the morning, she enjoys every moment she spends with her teammates. She hopes to not only receive a medal but grow and succeed with her team.