Senior Signing Day Brings Excitement


Photo used with permission from Amelia Wigton.

Seniors Emily Essick, Cecilia Westfall, Skout Lave, and Carson Amstutz posing at the college signing.

Sasha Samsinak, Writer

There comes a time when a high school athlete gets to choose whether or not they continue their sport in college. Several Ozark seniors have recently signed to commit to collegiate sports.

Seniors Emily Essick, Skout Lave, Cecilia Westfall, and Carson Amstutz have recently all committed to various colleges.  The seniors who signed all felt different emotions on this big day.

Senior Cecilia Westfall said, “I knew I was gonna play college sports from a young age.” Westfall is excited about her next step to play volleyball in college. She said, “ I practiced with the team it felt like home and I really feel like I can grow and do well in that environment.”

Other seniors felt different emotions on signing day.  Senior Emily Essick said she felt a bit nervous as she signed her letter of intent.

“At first it was very nerve racking but then when my mom looked at me and told me that she was proud of me. All of the nerves were gone, and I knew that I was ready for the next chapter in my life. I think that signing was a very exciting day being able to have my family and my future coach be there with me,” said Essick.

Another senior, Skout Lave, said he wasn’t nervous at all about signing. “I am excited to continue my journey on playing baseball at the next level,” said Lave.

No matter what they were feeling on the signing day, these seniors say they will miss different aspects of Ozark as they move to the next step.

Senior Carson Amstutz said, “The thing I will miss most is all of the relationships I had while at Ozark. I have known most of the people around me since Middle School and even younger than that. It is going to be different when I rarely see the people I am seeing every day at Ozark.”

Lave says he will also miss certain things about Ozark.  “I will miss my friends and family the most. I am looking forward to meeting new people and starting a new chapter in my life.”