Love is in the Air


Used with permission from Sandi Criswell.

Senior Baylie Beard and her fellow Generation Action members make Valentines cards after school.

Lauren Brice, Writer

Love doesn’t just show up around Valentine’s Day, but is something that is shown every day. Love doesn’t just apply to relationships, but also friendships. It can be an action to show gratitude or kindness towards others. Students around the halls were asked different questions about love.

“I express love by listening and supporting the people I care about and verbally expressing how much I care about them,” said Senior Jessica Campbell.

“Love is essentially appreciation towards someone and a certain feeling that makes you encompass yourself around certain people,” said Junior Asher Taylor.

“Love is putting others before yourself, no matter what you’re going through and just being kind to everyone you meet,” said Sophomore Kenna Mayfield.

“I show love making the people I care about food and showing them affection,” said Junior Natalie St. John.

“Love is showing kindness despite what others show towards me,” said Sophomore Abby Ford.

“My love language is definitely physical touch because that’s how I feel most safe and loved,” said Junior Karly Kolstad.

“Love is something you can express towards everyone, regardless of either person’s circumstance,” said Sophomore Miller Bennett.

“When you go out of your way to support them, always wanting the best, and caring for them no matter what,” said Junior Tatum Weter.

“Love is caring about someone no matter what happens,” said Sophomore Kylie Hudson.

Love can be expressed in so many ways and is such a great way to just show a simple act of kindness, whether it is a hug or words of affirmation towards someone you care for. You don’t have to be close to someone to express love towards them. It is something that strengthens people and communities.