Girls Soccer Ready to Kick Off New Season


Photo used with permission from Eliza McComas

The girls on the soccer team just finished up preseason weights in preparation for the new season.

Amy Surface, Writer

This year, the Ozark Girls Soccer Team prepared to start the season with tough physicality and unmatched speed.
The team begins practice Monday, March 2, with their first game on March 21. The girls have been putting in the extra work during preseason since January.
“We have started practice and conditioning earlier this year that way we will be ready for games. We are making sure everyone is on the same page. We are also pushing ourselves to get there,” said Emily McCulloch, junior.
Coming off a strong 2019 season, the team is looking to practice hard and exceed expectations. This year there will only be six juniors and seniors, joined by 21 underclassmen. Though the team is young, it can bring opportunities for growth and betterment as a whole. It also gives these players more time to create a unique bond for the entirety of their high school careers.
Every player wants to create history this season. The Ozark Girls Soccer team hasn’t won the Districts competition in over a decade. That has become one of the main goals for some of the girls.
“We will work hard each day at practice by getting in shape and building an aggressive team that is willing to do whatever it takes to win. The more games we win, the better place we will be in when it comes to Districts,” said Eliza McComas, senior.
The Ozark’s Girls Soccer Team will be a force to be reckoned with this season. They are already working especially tough this season to persevere through any obstacle that might come their way. Some may say their young team will be a hindrance. They are using that to their advantage by proving their determination and aggressiveness to succeed.
“I am excited to see what our team is capable of doing. We are a very young team with lots of potential talent, and I cannot wait to see how everything plays out,” added McComas.