Varsity Girls Basketball Comes Out on Top


Lauren Brice

The Varsity Girls Basketball team huddles together to get in the right mindset to start the game.

Jessie Marshall, Writer

By pushing through many obstacles and challenges, the Varsity Girls Basketball team has made their season one to remember with intense resilience and passion. 

With only a few games left in the season, these girls have an impressive record of 18-4. In every game, they work together as a team to overcome anything that comes their way. Their team chemistry has been a key factor in the team’s success. Many have played basketball ever since they were little, and most of these girls have known each other for years. The bond that they have helps the team come out on top on the court.

“We all get along really well, and we hang out outside of basketball, which also makes us even closer. As a team, we focus on team goals instead of personal goals. We want to win the district championship and make a run for State,” said Senior Madi Braden. 

Throughout this year, this team has strived for greatness, and that is exactly what they are achieving. In previous years, Ozark has struggled through the Pink & White tournament. However, making it to the championship game has excited this team. It has also made them realize that if they can work harder than ever before, they can make it to State. 

Another one of their goals for the year is to win the Districts Championship. As a team, they have been working together better than any other year, and this has widely improved their skills on the court. With this being the prime goal for many years, they feel like this could be the year where they outscore Kickapoo and come out with the trophy. 

For a senior player, winning Districts would mean everything. Senior Olivia Hanks said, “I have always played basketball, and it’s always been a part of my life. Winning Districts would mean we achieved one of our biggest team goals, and it would end my high school career off perfectly.”

In many games, this team has faced mentally and physically tough teams. However, Ozark has come out on top. With many obstacles to still go through, this team has hopes for the rest of the season to come.