If It’s Love


Used with permission by Maddy Jones.

Junior Maddy Jones and senior Bryce celebrated their Valentines Day by going to a Japanese restaurant and then enjoying a new movie at the theater.

Katie Wells, Writer

Love. This is a small and seemingly insignificant word that can hold tremendous weight, and it is often open to interpretation. The Greeks used seven different words to define the different states of love. This goes to show how love is a messy, silly, confusing, and exciting thing that plays a role in today’s society. It has so much of a role that there is a holiday every year to honor the use of the word and affection it holds.
Valentine’s Day comes every year on February 14th and had the Ozark High School students in an uproar.
Junior Lilly Tate said, “I love everything about the holiday. Lots of people say that it is a Hallmark holiday, but I don’t care. I love the idea of taking a specific day to cherish your friends and loved ones. It’s nice to have a day to show appreciation.”
The holiday came from a man named St. Valentine, who was a priest that was martyred around 270 A.D. Before his death, the Saint gave a letter to the jailer’s daughter who he had befriended. He told him, “give this to my Valentine.” Why was this man important? He disobeyed the Emperor’s laws and secretly wed couples to spare husbands from the war. For this reason, people celebrate his day of death for his good works.
Junior Brett Meyers dislikes the holiday’s unauthenticity. “It used to be a celebration of the marriage of all people. Now it’s about commercializing love and buying chocolate and flowers for your significant other. It’s as if there is an unsaid rule that if you don’t do this, this, and this, you are doing it wrong,” said Meyers.
Other students had their own opinion on what love meant to them. Sophomore Shayla Herron feels that love is more than a relationship. I think it means that you cherish someone so much, the individual becomes more than other people in your life. They become someone who you would never want to leave and could never forget. That’s what love means to me,” said Herron.
Senior Bryce Cheek loves celebrating others but doesn’t feel the need to have one day to honor those you appreciate. “I don’t think that Valentine’s Day is needed. You shouldn’t need one day to show how much you care for a person. Love is an act, it can’t be categorized as some sort of corporate holiday used to get rid of chocolate boxes,” said Cheek.