Ozark’s Most Popular Places


Claire Reynolds

Many students in Ozark enjoy going to the Workshop to have coffee, toast, or more.

Claire Reynolds, Editor

Ozark, Missouri is a small town, but that doesn’t mean it is without adventure.
In a recent poll on The Roar, viewers were asked to vote on their favorite place in Ozark. The front-runner, chosen by fifty percent of voters, is B&B Theaters.
“I like the B&B so much because it’s the closest place to watch movies. Also, some of my friends work there, so it’s always great to see them,” said Junior Bridget Sartain. B&B theaters opened in Ozark in 2011 and ever since has been a staple experience in Ozark.
The second and third most popular places, based on the poll results, are The Workshop and Downtown. Ozark’s local businesses are a fundamental part of its community. “I like the Workshop because it is a great spot to study or hang out with friends. I love the atmosphere and enjoy trying the different drinks they offer every season. I’m excited to see how the area grows as more restaurants and shops are added around the mill,” said Senior Maegan Surface.
It takes more than just entertainment to give a location value. A landmark is based on the memories and feelings people have associated with it. “My favorite place in Ozark is the band room because a lot of my really good friends like to hang out there. It’s a really good place to just be around,” said Junior Nathan Bohannon.
“The marching field is my favorite place in Ozark. This is because we have so many memories from marching season. It’s just such a welcoming place for us band members,” said Sophie Lipchik, junior.
Last, but certainly not least, Ozark’s beautiful outdoors are an iconic piece of what the Ozarks have to offer. The Finley River Park and Smallin Civil War Cave are two of Ozark’s most popular natural attractions. Students go to the park to hang out with friends or hike on the trails next to it.
Visiting the Smallin Civil War Cave is a memory everyone who spent fifth grade at Upper Elementary can share.
These locations and the reminiscing they induce are what make the Ozark community connected.