Science Olympiad Places Second in Southwest Regionals


Used with permission from Rebekah Jenkins.

The Science Olympiad Team poses with their medals from Southwest Regionals.

Heather McConnell, Writer

After placing second at Southwest Regionals, securing 44 medals and ribbons, and placing in 19 out of 23 events, Science Olympiad is headed to State. They have been working towards this goal since October, practicing up until the day of the competition. Southwest Regionals were at MSU on February 22.

Club Sponsor, Mrs. Rebekah Jenkins, is most proud of the effort that students gave leading up to the Southwest Regionals competition.

“I’m most proud of the whole team placing second. It took work from everyone to do so well in 23 different events. There are plenty of challenging schools that we were able to outcompete,” said Jenkins.
Elizabeth Freeman, junior, placed fifth in the chemistry lab and competed in genetics and gravity vehicles.

“The most challenging part was getting prepared and making sure I knew all of the information. We practiced after school and in advisory leading up to the competition to prepare,” said Freeman.

“My partner and I both felt good about our chemistry lab event going into the competition. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect in my other events,” said Freeman.

Freeman’s favorite part of competing was seeing all of her time and effort pay off when she placed.

“So far I am most proud of placing in the chemistry lab. It is very competitive, and the competition is very talented, so it was nice to be able to place,” said Freeman.

State will be held on April 4 at Westminster College in Fulton Missouri. To prepare, students will continue to research and work on their events until then.

The events the team placed in were: anatomy and physiology, astronomy, boomilever, chemistry lab, circuit lab, code busters, designer genes, detector building, disease detectives, dynamic planet, fossils, geo-mapping, gravity vehicle, machines, ornithology, ping pong parachutes, sounds of music, water quality, and write it do it.