Students Get Excited for Spring Break


Photo used with permission from Korel Malyk.

Senior Korel Malyk enjoys the beautiful spring weather.

Savannah Goodwin, Writer

As Spring Break is just around the corner, students are excited to enjoy the spring weather and have their annual break away from school.

Junior Price Webb will be traveling to New York City, as well as Washington DC. “I haven’t been to New York, so I’m excited to experience something new and see the iconic city. Then, I’m going to see the White House, which I’m excited to do because I love our country,” said Webb.

Senior Savannah Jenkins is spending her Spring Break catching up on sleep and competing in the DECA State competition, along with numerous other DECA members. “I’m very excited to go to State for my senior year and to end my spring break with a bang. I look forward to competing, traveling, and spending time with my peers,” said Jenkins.

Senior Korel Malyk will be spending his Spring Break doing what he loves most: riding dirt bikes with his friends. “I’m excited to have a whole week to be able to ride on and explore new trails. When riding dirtbikes with my friends, I get to enjoy nature and have great bonding time with my friends,” said Malyk.

Junior Savannah Eisman is traveling to Colorado for a volleyball tournament and will spend her free time skiing and exploring. “I’m excited to have this chance to play with my teammates and have fun with them. I get to do my two favorite things this spring break: play the sport I love and go on vacation,” said Eisman.

Junior Jacob Priest and Senior Gage Jeffreys will be taking a leap of faith by going skydiving together over their Spring Break. “I’m excited because it’s something I’ve always wanted to do, but I’m also really nervous. There’s always the fear of if my parachute breaks or if something goes wrong, but I know it will make for an unforgettable spring break,” said Jeffreys.

Whether students are catching up on sleep or adventuring to a new place, Spring Break is a necessary time for students to unwind and have a break from their everyday stresses of school.