Abby Ford Bounces Back in Softball


Katie Marshall

Abby Ford, junior, gives Senior Lauren Brice her softball senior gift.

Trinity Schupp, Writer

Perseverance and passion create some of the strongest moments in an athlete’s career. Not only has Junior Abby Ford shown this, but she has also become an example of it.

From breaking through the physical side of her surgery to conquering the mental recovery, Ford has pushed through a torn ACL, MCL, and meniscus to get back to what she loves: softball. The surgery itself took 3 hours, but the time between her surgery and clearance to practice was 4 months. The days post-surgery consisted of hours of pain and exhaustion. Ford was surrounded by friends and family during her recovery to keep her busy, but as soon as she was able to get back on the field, she seized the opportunity.

“Getting back to playing has meant so much to me because I love being on the field with my teammates. I like being part of the team and being able to make an impact and being able to be on the field, doing even just a little bit has made me so happy,” said Ford.

Though the hours of physical therapy were difficult, Ford was most impacted by the mental strain of her recovery. She fought to get back into her sport through personal motivation and determination. This small moment was not going to knock her out for good, but it was going to make her stronger.

“The most difficult part of recovering was the mental side of everything. It was frustrating when there was something that I couldn’t physically do, but from the beginning, I’ve said it’s just a small setback and I’ll make a big comeback,” said Ford.

Ford is now back on the field, not game ready, but practicing for her future with Ozark Softball and cheering on her teammates from the dugout with as much passion as she had when she started playing.