Mrs. Nicole Watkins Accepts Position as Assistant Principal


Jessie Marshall

Mrs. Nicole Watkins works on one of her many responsibilities as a new assistant principal.

Jessie Marshall, Writer

Opportunities come from every direction and create challenges that are excellent for personal growth. The new high school assistant principal, Mrs. Nicole Watkins, has searched for a new challenge and found it at Ozark High School.

Coming from 13 years of multiple roles at Ozark Middle School, Watkins decided to explore her horizons and find innovative ideas that are going to help her grow as an educational leader. However, moving from building to building does come with drastic changes between the school environment and the students involved.

“One big difference between the two buildings is that the students are more mature and you can have interesting and engaging conversations. At the middle school, students are trying to figure out who they are as they are entering a new school and their pre-teen years. At the high school many of the students have found their niche and are very goal-driven,” said Watkins.

Working as an assistant principal at the high school has brought great memories back to Watkins, being able to see the students she saw grow up through the middle school. Not only does she appreciate the environment, but she also loves watching the progress these students have made throughout their academic career.

“I love seeing how former students have grown and matured. It is like old times! I also love the school spirit and all the opportunities for students to discover what they are passionate about. I enjoy helping support students in their final years at Ozark High School,” said Watkins.

Throughout this transition, Watkins has kept most of her job responsibilities and has received more involvement in working with students and teachers.

“My main responsibility is to provide a safe learning environment for all students. Therefore, I oversee discipline for sophomores, dress code violations, attendance compliance, and online learning for all students. I also support our teachers and staff with any day to day task that needs problem-solving, curriculum, and instruction,” said Watkins.

After 13 years of working at the middle school, Watkins is excited to spend years fully engaged in the high school and the challenges that come with it.