Keeton Stutesmun Named FFA President


Senior Keetan Stutesmun explains the parts of a chainsaw to the junior high students at safety day.

Faith Grigg, Writer

Every year, FFA chapters across the country interview and compete against one another for an FFA officer position.

FFA is a National Organization based on agriculture education. Each school’s FFA club is called a chapter. Within these chapters, there are at least six students who take on a leadership role as officers in their chapter. Here at Ozark High School, Senior Keetan Stutesmun is named the Ozark FFA Chapter President.

Stutesmun comes from a long line of family members dedicated to agriculture. “I decided to be FFA President because my family has always been heavily involved with agriculture and it has always been a dream of mine to be the FFA President and watch our Ozark FFA program grow even more,” said Stutesmun.

Becoming president was not an easy job for him though. Stutesmun says it takes a lot of hard work and determination. “I worked up to being the FFA President by attending as many events as I was able to and helping out wherever I could. I also studied and worked my hardest on our contest teams to show the dedication it takes to be the president,” said Stutesmun.

Since he feels so strongly about the organization, Stutesmun has set a lot of goals for the chapter this year. “One of my main goals as president is to help the chapter grow and get even more students involved in it. Agriculture has declined in Ozark for the past couple of years and I just want to share my love of agriculture and bring it back out in the community by showing the kids how beneficial it can be.”

Although Stutesmun graduates at the end of first semester and will have to give his position to Senior Bryant Callaway, he is still hopeful for the future of the chapter. “Bryant Callaway is heavily involved in FFA already and has played a major role in all of our event planning and organization of the activities that we do, so I’m sure he will do a great job.”

Stutesmun has learned a lot from his time as president already and plans on taking these skills with him in the future. “I have learned a lot about project management and how to be a leader. I’ve also improved my public speaking skills through FFA and I plan on using that to help me with my classes and interview for colleges as well as my career after college. Plus the FFA has opened up the door to many scholarships I would not have gotten if I wasn’t in FFA.”