Calla Yearta-Sothern Represents DECA as President


Jessie Marshall

Calla Yearta-Sothern, junior accepts her first place award at FBLA districts.

Amy Surface, Writer

Behind every activity, you will find people working hard to ensure it succeeds. Junior Calla Yearta-Sothern is the president of DECA this school year and is already thinking about ways to promote and improve the club. 

“[DECA] is a club where you get to expand your business and marketing knowledge. Even for people who aren’t interested in Marketing, I think it’s a great way to learn how to communicate with people because it’s gonna help you no matter what field you go into. You need both the knowledge and experience in order to succeed in business because it is such a competitive field,” said Yearta-Sothern. 

This is Yearta-Sothern’s second year as a member of DECA. She began as a sophomore after taking a marketing class and discovering how interesting it is. Last year, she placed first at Districts for “Principles of Marketing.” She is considering “Marketing Communications” or “Retail Marketing” for the competition this spring.  Following a disappointing end to last season with both the State and International conferences being canceled due to Covid-19, Yearta-Sothern is excited for the growth opportunities individually and as a group. 

“As a group, I would love for DECA to be more collaborative this year. Last year we had one or two social events and the practice districts but I think it’d be great to incorporate more roleplay practice because you can’t really do that by yourself and get real feedback. I really wanna focus on test practice, practicing together and having more of a community in DECA,” said Yearta-Sothern. 

While the future of DECA may be uncertain, Yearta-Sothern still has high hopes and ambitions for the club. As president, she has taken on a role that she anticipates will give her leadership experience and lead to future success.