Father and Daughter Bond Through JROTC

Photographed by publications staff

The JROTC prepares to fly the flag during the flag ceremony.

Hailey Hesher, Writer

Imagine working as hard as you can and pushing through the blood, sweat, and tears to become one of the top 5 JROTC teams in the nation. Now imagine your father coaching you through that each and every day. That is just what sophomore Sarah Cazier experiences with her father Major Danny Cazier.

Many students may not enjoy having their dad teach/coach them like Sarah Cazier does. “My dad has always been a really big motivation for me, he is always there at my competitions and practices helping me out and correcting me to perform better,” said Sarah Cazier.

Sarah Cazier is not the only one who admires having relatives around at school. “I love having Sarah on JROTC; we banter back and forth as if we are in constant competition with one another, and I love having my daughter enjoy something that I enjoy as well,” said Maj. Cazier.

The two of them have set many goals and achieved a great amount of them throughout the years. Maj. Cazier said, “Some major things I teach my Cadets are responsibility, integrity, and leadership. These skills will help us to reach our goals of earning the title of top 5 JROTC teams in the nation.”

Although there is a lot of hard work that goes into being a part of JROTC and it may seem like an exhausting experience you can always count on Sarah Cazier to find the many positive aspects of JROTC. “One of the best things to come from being a part of JROTC and its special teams are the relationships I make, and the bonding experience I get to be a part of,” said Sarah Cazier.

Overall the two have many positive things to say about  JROTC and its special teams. If you are ever considering joining JROTC, Sarah Cazier says, “Do it! It is definitely worth it. It is by far my favorite class, and you wouldn’t regret joining.”

In JROTC, Raiders, Drill team, Rifle team, and the other special teams you learn many skills and perform many different exercises throughout competitions and practices. It is definitely worth it, but be prepared to work.