Mrs. Hilton Hired as New FACS Teacher


Photo provided by Trista Hilton.

Mrs. Hilton poses in front of the Grand Canyon.

Alexis Goss, Writer

We all know that being a new student to a new school is very nerve-wracking, but what is it like being a new teacher to a new school district? Mrs. Trista Hilton, a new teacher to our FACS department, lets us know what it’s like.

Much like being a new student, difficulties can come when transferring to a different environment. Mrs. Hilton said, “My only difficulty seemed to be adjusting to the new schedule at Ozark.”

Here at Ozark, we go by a block schedule, spending about an hour and a half in each class. Hilton transferred here from the Branson School District where they only spend 45 minutes in each of their classes, but have the same classes every day.

Though Hilton is a new teacher to the District, she has been teaching FACS for 10 years. She started her teaching career at Branson High School. As soon as a job opened in the FACS department, Hilton knew she couldn’t pass on the opportunity to teach in her very own hometown.

Some may wonder, why is FACS class important? “It is 100% beneficial because students are learning everyday real-life skills. Most of my students will grow up to be parents and they need to know how to take care of another human being,” said Hilton.

Out of all the things that a teacher can choose to teach and specialize in, why exactly did she choose to become a teacher of FACS in the first place? “My interest sparked when I was growing up and I had a FACS teacher named Mrs. Phillips who was the happiest, most outgoing teacher I knew. I always knew that I wanted to be a teacher, but I never knew what I wanted to teach. When I saw how happy my teacher was, it inspired me to work with this subject.”

Hilton can’t thank her FACS colleagues enough for making her transition flow so smoothly. Her colleagues told her everything she needed to know and were overall very welcoming and easy to work with. Everything seemed to flow so easily for Hilton throughout these first few months of school, she felt like she had already been working at Ozark for years. Sometimes being new isn’t such a bad thing.